20 Amazing Couples Games

Couples Games

Looking for Couples Games to play with your new partner? It’s important to break out of the routine or you could fall for monotony and similarity. Keep in mind, however, that you don’t need to get intimate.

Many games for couples can help you connect with your partner. You can have fun together while you talk about the most important things in your life.

This will make it a more memorable date night. Are you paying attention? Good! Let’s look at a few examples.

Couples Card Games

1. More Topics

Better Topics is the first card game that can be played with a partner.

Each round, one person asks a question. The other response to their best ability. The 54 different Question cards (base deck) are just as varied as the players who use them. Each round allows for different answers.

38 modifier cards are also included. These cards can be used to reverse, skip, or ask for more information.

The Rewards pile of cards is for the “winner” (22 total). Do you want to order your favorite takeout? Do you want breakfast in bed?

Is it possible to do a backrub when you don’t want to sound good? You will be a winner no matter how long it takes (there are also mobile applications).

Better Topics exist to bridge the gap between you, and your loved one, and facilitate meaningful communication. It connects you two even more.

2. Love Language

This card game falls under the “conversation starters” criterion and deals with topics similar to the one above. To easily identify which card is related, they are separated and color-coded.

You can expect subjects like family, friends, individuality, future goals, past stories, intimacy preferences, etc.

It’s easy to select the colors you need for any given play session thanks to the color coding.

3. Realizations

This game is great for couples who are in a new relationship or haven’t married yet. Although it’s a guessing game at its core, the game plays very deeply.

It’s not your job to think about your partner’s favorite ice cream flavor or movie.

Realizations, on the other hand, focus more on the tough questions. Have you ever been betrayed by someone? Is there a memory from their childhood that has left them scarred?

These are important conversations, and it is easier to have them.

4. Loopy

A loving relationship means sharing your feelings with your partner. Loopy is a good friend and can help you share your thoughts, dreams, and fears with you. It is a way to get rid of stress and anxiety in your daily life.

There are three card piles. One is about you, one about your partner, and one about “us”. It’s important that you take your time and not rush to finish the game.

5. TableTopics

This is one of few games that couples games can play together and receive constant updates based on player feedback. This game is unique because you don’t ask each other questions. Instead, you are answering them together!

Here are some examples: “Would quit their jobs?” What next?

6. Whine Barrel

Whine Barrel is a great choice if you love puns. It asks a regular couple of questions and then reinterprets them in a “whiny” manner.

It’s not a problem. It’s actually quite fun to feel self-conscious in a safe environment. This game is great with a glass of wine.

Let’s now look at other options, besides couples games.

Questions & Communication Games

7. One Answer for One Word

This is a great way to share your love story. Reminisce about your past and why it is you are together if you are facing a problem in your relationship.

One person begins with a word and the other will continue (it continues like this).

The journey you have been on so far can be read aloud at the end. You can make it funny, deep, romantic, or something in between. You have the option!

8. Would You Rather

This game is well-known and loved by many. Although it doesn’t require a partner, there are certain questions you can only ask your partner. Talk to your partner and break down the walls that divide you.

9. Relationship cooking contest

Couples games should focus on teamwork. Pick a favorite cuisine and get your apron on. You can set strict guidelines about the ingredients you can use. You should try to recreate the dish as authentically as you can.

10. Twenty Questions

This one is probably familiar to you, but has your partner played it with you? It’s best for those in the beginning stages of a relationship but it can be useful for married couples as well. Consider 20 questions about any. Then, your partner must answer the question with “yes” or “no”.

11. Love Poems

Poetry is the foundation of romance. Let your artistic side shine if you want to feel old-school love. If you want to go even further, pretend that you are living in medieval times and the Renaissance.

12. Sing-Along

Because we are unsure of ourselves, we tend to sing in solitude. You don’t have to do that anymore! You can bring your boyfriend/girlfriend along and create your own band. There are many air guitar opportunities.

13. Origami

Although it is not the most difficult of tasks, it can be a fun pastime once you master the basics. You can find many tutorials online. All you have to do is watch them together. Even better, you can create something meaningful together.

14. Two Truths and One Lie

Each person will say two true and one false statement. You must guess which one is which. You are allowed to ask questions that aren’t too obvious or reveal too much.

15. Recreate a Movie Scene

Many people love scenes from the Titanic and the Notebook. You could even recreate the scenes yourself. You don’t have to make it steamy, but they are available.

Board Games

16. Bananagrams

Ever wanted to play Scrabble with more bananas? Now you can! The game is portable and has some very unique rules. As part of the game, you will yell “banana!”

17. Pandemic

We know it’s not a subtle choice, but we have to make a change. Pandemic is best played with 4 people. However, you can have fun with 2 people. Pandemic will have you working as a disease expert to eradicate various viruses around the world.

18. Wavelength

Are you sure that you and your partner are in the same boat? It’s time to try the theory. Wavelength is a unique tabletop concept, even if it looks like anything else. It’s even more fun to play. It’s all about guessing the thoughts of your partner.

19. Off Topic

The topic is chosen and you must roll the die to create words that begin with the letter on the die. You can be creative and come up with unique answers. It is important to be able to defend your answers.

20. Get a Ticket to Ride

Are you a fan of traveling? What about building your own railroad in the United States? All of the important landmarks will be connected to you by colored tracks.

Ticket to Ride is both an adventure game and a strategy game. You get more points for completing longer train routes.

Our top recommendation

Your date night should be about building a relationship with your partner on a deeper level. You should be able to celebrate milestones, plan for the future, and have fun just chatting.

Better Topics is the first ever replayable couple card game! It was designed from the ground up to foster your love for each other and allow you to have heartfelt laughter.

To keep the fun going, there are apps for iOS as well as Android. What other games are there to choose from when searching for couples games?

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