How to use the Apple Maps globe view in MacOS Monterey- Full details


In MacOS Monterey, Apple has updated its Apple Maps app to include a new view of the globe. This shows the earth floating in space, allowing you to quickly orbit the planet and zoom in on any location you choose.

It’s easy to use, but it may seem a little hidden because there’s no clear click button to activate it. Don’t worry, because our guide will show you how to use it, including a few useful features that will make it even more useful.

Note that you must have an Apple Silicon Mac to use globe view in MacOS Monterey. It will not work on Intel-based Macs, at least for the time being.

Step 1: Take the long view

Aplpe Maps globe view showing North and South America running on MacOS Monterey

All you need to do to activate the Earth view is zoom out. To do this, scroll the mouse wheel, pinch two fingers together on the trackpad, or press the minus (-) button in the lower-right corner of the application window. Zooming out and the view changes from a flat map to a global view of the globe.

Step 2: Moving the Earth

Apple Maps globe view showing Europe, western Asia, and Africa running on MacOS Monterey.

You can now see the earth floating in space. You can rotate it by clicking and dragging anywhere, or by swiping with two fingers on the trackpad. As you move over the poles of the earth, the view of the earth zooms in closer.

Step 3: Click for more info

An information card for Dallas in Apple Maps running on MacOS Monterey.

Even in this distant view, important place names are displayed on the map. This includes significant cities and geographical features such as mountain ranges and oceans. Click the name to open an info card with additional information, such as a brief description, a selection of photos, and a list of Apple Maps guides.

Click the “…” button in the upper right corner to share the location or copy its coordinates. There are also buttons for viewing directions, creating a route, or taking a Flyover tour.

If you have allowed Maps to use your location, your current location will appear as a blue dot on the map. Click on it to display the address and coordinates.

Step 4: Change the map type

Apple Maps' transport view running on MacOS Monterey.

Click the map mode menu button to the right of the location arrow in the upper right corner. Explore and driving modes if you want to use the standard uniform color view when the satellite turns into satellite images. Public transit fades the colors of the map and highlights important public transit routes, such as Amtrak lines. As of this writing, this showed routes only in a handful of countries.

Step 5: Use the compass

North America with the compass tilted in Apple Maps running on MacOS Monterey.

There are some additional controls in the lower right corner of the Maps window. You can zoom in or out by clicking the plus and minus buttons, or use the compass to change the direction of the view. In the latter case, just pull the compass, which can move about 45 degrees in either direction from the north. Let’s go back north.

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How to use the Apple Maps globe view in MacOS Monterey  Apple in iOS 15 overhauled the Maps app to add much more … all the way out in the Maps app you can get to an interactive globe view. 

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