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12 Latest Mehndi Designs For Back Hands

Mehndi Designs For Back Hands

Mehndi Designs For Back Hands:  Mehndi is usually considered to be a given. The majority of people stick with traditional designs that are easy to make and require little time. But, if you select carefully, your backhand mehndi designs can increase the look between your Mehendi by a lot. We’ve found some distinctive Mehndi Designs For Back Hands you could be inspired by. The list contains diverse categories and designs used to create backhand Mehndi. So, without further delay, we’ll dive straight into the matter.

1. Kids’ Back Hand Mehndi Design

Kids' Back Hand Mehndi Design

There are now adorable Mehndi designs for your kids to show off. The backhand designs of the kid’s Mehndi are much simpler as compared to the front Mehndi patterns. Most of the time, it is just an animal or bird, such as a butterfly, for instance, it is created with a few little details that are added to the design.

2. Peacock Back Hand Mehndi Design

 Peacock Back Hand Mehndi Design

The peacock symbolizes the royal aspect of Indian Indian culture. This design is typically used in backhand Mehndi designs, as well as other designs. There is a belief that the peacock can bring luck and that is why we find lots of celebration or bridesmaid Mehndi designs that incorporate this theme in one way or another. The pattern in the image above is specifically designed for the back of your hand. The pattern can be stretched up to your elbow to create a more intricate design.

3. Bridal Back Hand Mehndi Design

Bridal Back Hand Mehndi Design

In India, it is not an actual bride if don’t have your feet and hands and, sometimes, other parts wrapped in Mehndi. The Mehndi on the backhand of the bride will obviously be more intricate and elaborate than other styles. Some brides prefer a simple design. We’ve got one basic and a slightly extravagant design to choose from.

4. Floral Back Hand Mehndi Design

Floral Back Hand Mehndi Design

Flowers represent beauty in Indian cultural practices. This is probably the reason why Indian Mehndi designers are in love with floral patterns. From lotus flowers to lilies to leaves as well as vines. These designs include everything in relation to flowers that you could imagine. This design is easy to design and beautiful to admire.

5. Criss-Cross Back Hand Mehndi Design

Criss-Cross Back Hand Mehndi Design

We’ve already seen the cross-cross Mehndi design in fingers Mehndi designs. This pattern looks more appealing when it is made on the palm’s back. It is possible to choose patterns that cover your hand, or you can choose half-hand designs.

6. Personalized Back Hand Mehndi Design

Personalized Back Hand Mehndi Design

In these times of change, increasing numbers of women are opting for customized Mehendi designs. Personalizing your Mehndi is about adding details and patterns that you identify with. For example, this pattern includes a portrait on each hand which represents the bond of love that the couple has in common. You can also choose your personal favorite quote or the name you want to use for your Mehndi.

7. Eid Mehndi Designs

Eid Mehndi Designs

Certain Mehndi patterns are especially suitable for celebrations. For example, Eid is one of the occasions when women wear Mehndi. In the past, Eid Mehendi designs became a distinct category. This is a basic yet intriguing design that can make your hands appear like a picture of perfection. It’s a backhand Mehndi design that requires very little time to design but has to be executed with precision.

8. Jewelry Back Hand Mehndi Design

Jewelry Back Hand Mehndi Design

We all know the latest favorite of mehndi artists and jewelry Mehndi designs. These designs are ideal to be worn on the hand. We’ve selected two gorgeous designs, one basic and the other one more elaborate. The basic design is an inspiration by the fashionable jewelry worn by women, mostly Indian or Pakistani women.

9. Rajasthani Back Hand Mehndi Designs

Rajasthani Back Hand Mehndi Designs

What is unique about Rajasthan’s Mehendi tradition unique is the fact that at the wedding ceremony, Mehendi is applied to the feet and hands of the bride as well as the groom. The designs are intricate and intricate. The same is true of the Back Hand Mehndi Design, too. Take a look at the design in the image above for a gorgeous design that blends designs for jewelry with floral patterns.

10. Moroccan Back Hand Mehndi Design

Moroccan Back Hand Mehndi Design

It might surprise you to learn that Mehndi or “Henna tattoo” as it’s known as a popular fashion in Africa. Moroccan Henna artists have come out with distinctive patterns and designs over the past couple of years. People all across the globe remain amazed by the beauty of these designs which combine traditional and contemporary themes. This is one of the designs that you must check out. The second photo is of a Moroccan wedding Henna style for the hand. It is different from typical patterns seen in Indian brides. They cover the hand nearly completely.

11. Mandala Back Hand Mehndi Design

Mandala Back Hand Mehndi Design

Mandala Mehndi designs are one of the oldest and most traditional designs that are still in use even today. Although it can be utilized on both the front and backhand It looks stunningly beautiful on the backhand. the area surrounding the Mandala at the center of the palm is left unfilled to make it stand out. If you wish, you can make this space more attractive with a pattern, or decorate this area using Mehndi. This pattern will look stunning regardless of the method.

12. Arabic Back Hand Mehndi Designs

 Arabic Back Hand Mehndi Designs

It would not be complete without mentioning Arabic Mehndi. The Mehndi patterns have inspired designers from all over the globe. While they are demanding and time-consuming to learn, the final product is well worth the effort.


From simple and sweet to complex as well, you can find many different ways to draw inspiration. The tough part will be choosing only one. We’ve tried to include designs from all categories on this list. Explore further and browse through the most well-known Mehndi designers from India and Pakistan for more inspiration. Why settle for traditional patterns when you could mix contemporary and traditional designs that suit your style?

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