Top 5 Short Stories for kids

short stories for kids

Whenever stories are mentioned, children are definitely mentioned, because stories are mainly liked by children. These Short Stories for kids are the medium through which they surely get new inspiration and at the same time learn to live life in the right way.

Help us make the future better. In fact, these Short Stories for kids are fully equipped. Sometimes a mistake leads to a mistake. short stories like this. You maintain accounts even in the presence of the Internet. These change from time to time at different times on different blogs. Such as the story of the king, the incident of theft, the story of the incident of theft, etc.

Then without delay let’s enjoy all the stories that will surely delight you.

Short Stories For Kids

To make children aware of these wonderful short stories, today I am presenting this article “Short Stories for Kids” for you guys. These stories are for all age groups people but they are specially written for kids.

If you also want to hear some such unique and interesting Short Stories for kids, then you can definitely read and narrate those stories from here. So what’s the delay, let’s hear a great story.

1. Story of Greedy Lion:

Story of Greedy Lion:

One summer day, a lion in the forest was very hungry. So he started looking for food here and there. After searching for a while he found a rabbit, but he left it instead of eating it because he found it too small.

After searching for a while he found a deer on the way and he followed it but because he was looking for a lot of food, he got tired and could not catch the deer.

Now that he had nothing to eat, he thought of eating the rabbit back. When he returned, he found no rabbits there because he had gone. Now the lion became very sad and had to go hungry for a long time.

2. The story of the Lumberjack and the Golden Ax:

The story of the Lumberjack and the Golden Ax

Once upon a time, there was a lumberjack living near the forest. He used to collect wood in the forest and sell it in the nearby market for some money.

One day he was cutting down a tree when suddenly his ax fell into a nearby river. The river was very deep and really fast flowing – he tried hard to find his ax but he couldn’t. Now he felt that he had lost his ax, but sadly he sat down by the river and began to cry.

Hearing the sound of her crying, the god of the river got up and asked the lumberjack what had happened. The lumberjack told him his sad story. The lord of the river took pity on the lumberjack and seeing his hard work and truth offered to help him.

He disappeared into the river and brought back a golden ax, but the lumberjack said it was not his. He disappeared again and this time he came back with a silver ax, but this time also the woodcutter said that this ax is not his either.

Now the owner of the river disappeared into the water again and this time he came back with an iron ax – seeing the wooden ax, the carpenter smiled and said that it was his ax.

The owner of the river, impressed by Lumberjack’s honesty, presented him with both gold and silver axes.

3. The Story Of The Elephant And His Friends:

The Story Of The Elephant And His Friends:

A long time ago, a lone elephant came to live in a strange forest. This forest was new to him, and he was trying to make friends.

He first went to a monkey and said, “Hello, monkey brother! Would you like to be my friend?”

The elephant then went to a rabbit and asked the same question. “You’re too big to pay my bill, so I can’t be your friend,” said the rabbit.

Then the elephant went to the frog living in the pond and asked the same question. The frog replied, “You are too heavy to jump as high as me, so I cannot be your friend.” Now the elephant was really sad because he could not make friends despite his best efforts.

Then one day, seeing all the animals running in the forest, the elephant asked the running bear what was the cause of this problem.

The bear said, the jungle lion has gone hunting – they are running to save themselves from it. So the elephant went to the lion and said please don’t hurt these innocent people. Please leave them alone.

The lion mocked him and told the elephant to move to one side. Then the elephant got angry and pushed the lion with all his strength, which injured him and he ran away.

Now all the other animals came out slowly and started rejoicing over the defeat of the lion. They approached the elephant and said to him, “Your size is perfect to be our friend!”

4. The Story Of The Lion and The Mouse:

The Story Of The Lion and The Mouse:

Once upon a time when a lion was sleeping in the forest, at the same time a mouse started jumping into his body for his entertainment. This disturbed the lion’s sleep and he got up and became angry too.

At the same time, as soon as he happened to eat the rat, the mouse begged to set him free and he swore that if he ever needed it, he would definitely come to the lion’s help. Seeing this adventure of the mouse, the lion laughed a lot and let it go.

After a few months, one day some hunters came to the forest to hunt and they caught the lion in their net. Also tied him to a tree. In such a situation, the troubled lion tried a lot to free himself but could not do anything. So he started roaring loudly.

His roar could be heard far away. At the same time, a mouse was passing by the nearby road and when he heard the roar of the lion, he realized that the lion was in trouble. As soon as the mouse reached the lion, he immediately started gnawing at the net with his sharp teeth and after some time the lion got free and thanked the mouse. Later both of them went towards the forest together.

5. The Story of the Needle Tree:

The Story of the Needle Tree:

Two brothers live near a forest. The couple’s brother had done little to hurt his brother. As she eats her brother’s food every day and at the same time wears her brother’s new clothes.

One day the elder brother decided to go to a nearby forest to buy firewood, which he would later sell in the market for some money.

As he entered the forest, he cut down several trees, then stumbled upon a magic tree and cut down one tree after another.

In that state the tree said, O my good Lord, please do not cut off my branches. If you leave me, I will give you a golden apple. He agreed in time, but greed arose in his mind. He threatened the tree that if he did not give him more apples, he would cut off his whole body.

Instead of giving his older brother an apple, the magical tree rained down hundreds of needles on him. The older brother lay down on the ground in pain and began to cry.

As the day drew to a close, the younger brother became anxious. So he went into the forest in search of his older brother. He saw his older brother lying in pain in a tree, with hundreds of needles piercing his body. Pity came to his mind, he reached out to his brother, and slowly pulled out each needle with love.

The older brother was watching, and he was angry with himself. Now the older brother apologized for the mistreatment of the younger brother and promised to recover. The tree saw the change in the older brother’s heart and gave him all the golden apples he would need later.

In Conclusion

I hope you enjoyed my article Short Stories for kids. I have always tried to give readers, especially young children, complete information about inspirational stories so that they do not have to search any other site or internet in the context of that article.

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