The 3 Best Employee Time Tracking Apps

Time Tracking Apps

Time is an expensive commodity that businesses need to be accountable for, whether small or large. To ensure productivity at work, many businesses have sort of tracking how their employees manage their work time to provide a more accurate payroll. This largely improves employees’ productivity, accountability, and transparency, especially in businesses that pay employees on an hourly basis. With the world technologically advancing, some common time tracking tools like time cards and punches are becoming outdated. Businesses are embracing the technology by using time tracking apps. Some of the best employee time tracking apps include:

1. PayClock Mobile App

PayClock is a gem in time tracking as it includes a mobile time clock and a time card app completely functional for employees and employers/supervisors. This app is well equipped to handle a diverse workforce as employees can remotely log in and clock their hours with ease. The employee’s work data is stored in the app’s memory until the phone is connected to the internet; it then instantly uploads it to the cloud. This makes the app operational even when the internet is unavailable.

Employees’ features

PayClock is designed to be reliable and save employees from the hustle of manually recording their hours, wasting precious hours in failed clocking attempts, or reporting technical issues. It is user-friendly.

Some of the employee features include;

  • Mobile clock-in/Clock-out
  • Mobile time cards
  • View benefit time balance
  • Request time off
  • Auto email time off
  • View punches by day
  • View current/past pay period data
  • View pay period totals by pay code
  • Transfer departments option
  • Option to add or delete punches
  • GPS location tracking

Manager’s features

Through PayClock, managers can keep an eye on their employees and enable them to view employee time cards, make edits, send messages and view totals from their phones, making it the best employee time tracking app.

Some of the manager’s features include;

  • View employees’ In/Out statuses
  • View employees’ benefit time
  • Approve/deny time-off requests
  • Auto email employee time off request status
  • View punch times of employees
  • Add or delete punches for employees
  • Add or delete time off for employees
  • Manage non-work time on a timecard
  • GPS location tracking of transactions

2. Connecteam Time Clock

With Connecteam, tracking employees’ hours has never been easier, especially for busy supervisors. It is designed to simplify and automate timekeeping and payroll processes. This app is also beneficial to employees, enabling them to easily clock in and out their hours from their phones.

Connecteam is an employee’s time tracking app that enables supervisors to manage their business no matter the place or time. It is simple and intuitive to use with a customized automated reminder. This gives managers the ability to track hours spent on several jobs, projects, and clients without a struggle. This improved management automatically improves a business’s productivity.

This app simplifies work and bridges the gap between managers and employees by creating a good work relationship. It also saves money by preventing time theft, rounded hours and overtime expenses, and payroll issues.

Connecteam Time Clock features

  • Time Clock limitations
  • Reminders and notifications
  • Automatic attendance report
  • Easily exporting timesheets
  • Automated payroll processes
  • Overtime settings
  • In-app chat
  • GPS Tracking and Breadcrumbs technology
  • Absence management
  • Job-related information

3. TimeCamp

TimeCamp is a time tracking app that enables managers to increase the productivity of their businesses through its re-invented time tracking techniques. It is the go-to tool for remotely managing your business and employee time. It is also easy to use and can work in the background enabling one to stay focused on other things that matter.

This app provides clarity like no other by helping managers optimize their team’s work rate. Employees log in and clock their hours which are neatly organized in a timesheet. That timesheet eliminates the hustle of unnecessary paperwork, proving to be very efficient. From those timesheets, the payroll is automatically processed for the employees. This saves money and prevents payroll issues that disturb a lot of businesses.

TimeCamp features

  • Project management
  • Automated Payroll System
  • Advanced reporting
  • Track employee attendance, vacation, and holidays
  • Project management, accounting, sales, and dev tools integration.

There is so many employee time tracking apps in the market, that it is up to businesses to find the one that suits them most. Once a business embraces these apps, the benefits to be reaped are unimaginable. Sometimes they are the difference between success and failure in business.

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