HUAWEI Sound – A Premium 360-degree Bluetooth Speaker


Are you a huge fan of sound? Do you crave a highly immersive audio experience? Then, the Huawei Sound is the product for you. This speaker, co-designed with Devialet, takes listening to sounds to a whole you level. Engineered by the most skilled work team, the speakers do not let you down-in fact; they improve the sound quality by manifolds. Let your ears dive into a stream of a luxurious and pristine sea of sound waves and enjoy it to the fullest. Say bye to audio distortions or fake audio; say hello to Huawei Bluetooth Speaker 

What makes the Huawei Sound a Star?

The collaboration between the Divalet and Huawei has given rise to a beautiful, portable, effective, and quality product-the Huawei Sound speaker. Some enthralling features make this speaker the best of its kind. 

Sleek Looks 

The Huawei Sound may even be one of the most sophisticated yet unique speakers you find in today’s time. It can quickly go with any surrounding you keep it in and stand out due to its glassy finish and well-structured design. The lighting on the control panel further exudes oomph and beauty. On top of that, the steel covering at the bottom is splash and stain-resistant, making the speaker portable and easy to use in various settings.

Bluetooth Connectivity 

You can pair the Huawei sound speaker with your smartphone through NFC(Near field communication). You can now stream the audio you like, maybe tune into your favorite playlist or listen to a podcast with improved audio quality. In addition, the speaker goes with high-definition audio, so you’ll have no trouble playing such sounds on the Huawei Sound.

Powerful Bass 

Bass lovers, listen up. The Huawei Sound comes with two 60 Watt subwoofers powered by the Divalet’s SAM technology; The sound does not deviate from the original record by matching the sound signal with the speaker, thus keeping the originality and authenticity of the audio organic. You do not need to worry about echo and vibrations since the woofers are strategically placed at positions to cut the deformation.

360 degree Surround Sound 

Hear sound coming from all directions, engulfing and enveloping you in with the Huawei Sound, which comes with three evenly spaced tweeters that transform your room into nothing less than a movie theatre or a music concert. The speaker helps you appreciate every high note of music, thanks to the tweeters. One must place the speaker in the middle of the room and let it provide you with a highly flawless, unreal experience. Moreover, the speaker catches on to the fine details that sometimes make not be significantly picked up by other speakers, so get ready to hear anything and everything, just from a single, standalone speaker.

Passive Units

Two passive units, powered by the SAM technology, amplify the audio by resonance with the woofer, producing bass of top class. Candid audio makes its way to the consumer, leaving the disturbances behind.

Accessible to Use and Affordable

You do not have to get lost in a web of wires to set up the Huawei Sound speaker. The controls are convenient, too- a touch panel on the head of the speaker gives you control over the volume, allows you to pair your phone through NFC, and start or stop audio.

The price for the speaker does not pinch the consumer since it is pretty reasonable and cost-effective. The economical price range of the Huawei Sound speaker makes it an option to be considered.


The Huawei Sound speaker is highly versatile since it supports several connections:- UPnP AND 3.5 mm Aux-in cable, other than Bluetooth and NFC support. This makes the speaker flexible in utilization and widely accessible.


Efficient and consumer-friendly, the Huawei Sound speaker is a massive hit for sports, movies, and music lovers. Fantastic bass, appreciable surround sound, and effortless Bluetooth pairing make the speaker sound like a good deal. The speaker is a treat to the eyes and pleasant to the ears. The speaker’s various sound effects allow you to hear audio as you want it-Hi-Fi, Vocal, Devialet SPACE™ Soundstage, and bass. Pump up your music on high volumes with great clarity, bass, and timbre. The Huawei speaker is highly recommended to take your good experiences to an appreciably high degree. Click Here to purchase Huawei Sound Speaker


  1. Q) Is there any supported app for Huawei Sound?

Yes, Huawei’s ai life app provides necessary support regarding Huawei Sound. You can brush yourselves with some features or access and change sound or additional settings.

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