Huawei Y5p: Top reasons it’s perfect for first-time smartphone owners

Huawei Y5p Top reasons it's perfect for first-time smartphone owners

Searching for a phone that fits your budget and offers the best features? The Huawei Y5p is the smartphone for you. Launched on 28 August 2020, it is available in Mint Green, Midnight Black, and Phantom Blue colors; this smartphone provides the users with all the necessary features offered by expensive phones at a much more affordable rate. Being economical does not mean that it compromises quality, so stay tension free about getting a less durable or outdated phone. What else? Keep reading to know more about Huawei y5p.

What makes the Huawei Y5p Perfect?

Here are some features that you should not miss about the Huawei Y5p

Attractive Looks

The Huawei Y5p is a treat to the eyes. The handset has perfectly rounded edges. The back of the phone is designed in such a different way that it seems like rays of light emerge from the camera placed at the top end, diverging towards the bottom. The vibrant and pleasing colors in which the smartphone is available further elevate its appearance, making it look presentable and lavish. Brace yourselves to get some compliments on the lovely handset colors!

Full View Display 

Are your game controls only partially visible, or are you unable to absorb the surroundings of a movie scene because the display isn’t the right size? Huawei Y5p has solved the issue. The phone offers a complete view display, enhancing your gaming and other screening experiences. On top of that, the phone is handy and manageable, thanks to thin bezels around the screen. The upper and lower end bezels are broad enough to rest your fingers while streaming videos. Hence, the phone screen is a fantastic combination of convenience and quality, improving readability and the overall functioning of the mobile.

Octa-Core Performance 

The Huawei Phone offers a 2 GB ram and 32 Gb internal storage. Surprisingly it also supports 3D games and high frame rates, which assist in playing multiplayer games on the phone. The mobile phone satiates your desire to multitask with the basic applications since it can easily keep various apps running in the background without slowing the mobile down. This is a huge plus point that first-time users should consider.

Long-Lasting Battery

Since the Huawei Y5p is not much pomp and show affair, it uses less battery. The battery life extends up to 8 hours and 40 minutes. It takes almost two and a half hours to charge this phone fully. The battery drainage is on the lower side when heavy-duty operations are carried out, like using high-quality visuals. This feature makes the Huawei Y5p an outstanding choice.

Android 10 based EMUI 10.1 

The Huawei Y5p runs on the Android 10 EMUI 10.1 software, with a pre-installed Huawei AppGallery. Not having Google apps or the Google Play store cant be viewed as an obstacle-you can download and use various social media apps like Snapchat, Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram smoothly on the phone. You also have access to localized applications distributed by AppGallery. You can gain access to various apps in the AppGallery that let you install third-party apps in an uncomplicated manner. 

Picture Perfect 

The camera quality of the Huawei Y5p is impressive compared to its monetary value. The phone offers a single front and rear camera with a 5-megapixel lens and a flash at the rear and hind end. The camera is at its best in good lighting. A beauty mode is also available in the camera settings, which smoothes skin texture and enhances the picture. Pro mode allows you to adjust the shutter speed and ISO and click decent pictures in not-so-suitable conditions. Do not worry about hazy video chats; the lens has you covered.

The selfie camera does more than just take selfies; it helps you put a face lock in place. You can now use your face to unlock your phone, given that the lighting is appropriate.


With the features mentioned above, the Huawei Y5p is an excellent deal for the price. The phone offers a lot of unexpected definitions and quality. It is highly recommended for students and older adults who don’t want to spend a fortune and gain access to stunning features like better gaming, camera quality to fall for, and great battery life. All in all, buying the Huawei Y5p will not be a regretful decision, Courtesy of its skills and affordability. Go ahead and buy the amazing Huawei Y5p phone-(insert CTA).


  1. Q) Does Huawei Y5p support 4G?

Huawei connections include Wi-fi, NFC, FM radio, 3G, and 4G. 

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