Explained The Commonest Questions about Dually Wheels from Major Brands

Questions about Dually Wheels

Dually Wheels are a conundrum to many people across the United States and the world over. That is because they are very different in their form and function, and they look nothing like the standard aftermarket wheels which we are accustomed to seeing. 

Simply put, dual rims are used by vehicles carrying heavy cargo and they usually support two tires. Dually OEM wheels are available without a doubt, but it is their aftermarket enthusiasts who are more interested in how they work and how they can be improved on several fronts.

It is obvious that such heavy vehicles will probably have truck running boards by default. 

But as popular as dually models from Method Wheels and so on are, there are several doubts that the average user has when it comes to these special rims. 

This post will try and remove at least some of those questions that concern Dually Wheels!

Are front and rear dually rims different?

This is one of those questions that keep cropping up. 

Simply put, they are not different in any way. The front and rear rims are interchangeable and they can replace one another if the occasion so demands. 

Since the front Dually Wheels are visible, they are regarded to be slightly different but they are actually not! At times, the inner rims on the front are steel, while the outer rims at the back are usually made of high-grade aluminum.

But there is no hard and fast rule to this. Remember that whether it is Method Wheels or Fuel or XD, they provide very similar rims both in form and function. 

What are some shortcomings of Dually Wheels?

Alongside the various advantages, there are certainly a few drawbacks to these wheels. Some are the following:

  • Any vehicle which has dually rims attached is notoriously difficult to drive. Very heavy trucks, the ones with truck running boards since they are so tall, can only best be driven by experts who have years of experience driving such vehicles.
  • With dual rims from Method Wheels or any other leading brand, vehicles consume more fuel. The fuel savings are literally next to nothing and every month, your fuel bills will increase.
  • There are certain tires that will not work with dual rims. For more details, consult the manual that the dual rims come with. All big manufacturers have a list of tires that they do not recommend a bit. You need to be pretty careful when choosing tires.

How can the mileage problem with dual rims be addressed?

This is a major issue that is not to be taken lightly. If you are concerned about the mounting fuel costs that come hand-in-hand with Dually Wheels, you need to follow a few practices. They are the following:

  1. Turn on cruise control: With cruise control turned on, your vehicle will run more consistently at even speeds and there will be no question of sudden accelerations. This ensures your fuel savings are a bit greater.
  2. Do not idle: Idling at stop signs is not just bad for the engine; it has a profound effect on the fuel consumption pattern of your vehicle. This is truer with dually rims aboard. It is better to simply turn off the engine when the stop sign is for more than 15 seconds. Similarly, if you are at a drive-in restaurant and have something essential to pick up, do not leave the engine idling. It will only sip more fuel. Turn the engine off, walk away, come back, and turn it back on. 

It is that simple!

  1. Maintain your vehicle: Regular and proper vehicle maintenance is something that can positively affect the health of your driver. It also has a serious role to play if you are using an old vehicle with many miles on the odometer. Ensure that the clutch parts are okay, the brakes are well-maintained, and the tires you are using are of the right size and are in decent health.

With just these simple but effective tips, your vehicle will also receive better insurance coverage! That is something of a bonanza, isn’t that so?

  1. Plan your route well in advance: Route planning will ensure that your Dually Wheels do not have to traverse bad terrain and you will also save time. Before you plan your route, take any emergencies (chances of snow, for example) into your equation. That will help you come up with a better plan that not only makes driving easier but a bit more fun as well.
  2. Check your tires regularly: To improve the life of your Method Wheels dually rims, it is crucial that you spend some time checking how well the tires are. They must have enough traction, the tread must not be worn out too much, sidewalls must be in pretty good shape and the tubes must have the recommended pressure at all times.

Regular checks prevent punctures and spare you the related hassles.

Wrapping up

Before you purchase aftermarket Dually Wheels, ensure you have a retailer which sells good brands at affordable prices. This is essential in the long run. Happy motoring!

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