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How to replace your Roku TV remote

Replacing the Roku TV remote control can significantly enhance the Roku Smart TV experience. You may think that you are limited to the features offered on the day you purchase your Roku, but this is not entirely true. Modern hardware supports some of the premium features available from the best Roku TVs and the best Roku devices, even though the features are not built-in.

A soft option? Update the remote control. RokuVoice Remote pro is the best remote control available for Roku devices and offers the best features supported by Roku, such as hands-free controls, custom shortcuts, and private listening. Because distance selling costs less than $ 30, it’s one of the cheapest TV upgrades you can get.

Here’s how to replace your Roku TV remote and add new features to your Roku TV

It’s also a great way to get a little different custom application buttons. Older Roku remotes include buttons for services like Vudu and Rokuro, which may not be channels you use often or for which you specifically want a speed dial button.

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